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The benefits of a rehabilitation programme. 

  • Reduced chance of re-injury.
  • Helps prevent secondary injury to surrounding tissue.
  • Muscle balance is restored.
  • Restore full con-tractability within the muscle.
  • Return to full training quicker.
  • Speeds up the healing process.
If no rehabilitation takes place a underlining weakness may still be present which may lead to overloading the surrounding tissue. With some injuries you can start low level exercises to promote blood flow, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the tissue.

Without some form of fitness programme which includes muscle endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, speed and co-ordination exercises the injury may well come back again when returning to your chosen sport.

An example would be an athlete with a reoccurring calf injury which could then lead to Achilles tendinitis. This can happen returning from injury too quickly and not being treated properly.