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Injuries can occur through a number of circumstances these can be:

  • Overuse with poor preparation (warm up)
  • Poor technique over training and insufficient rest recovery
  • Increasing training loads too quickly
  • Inbalances with insufficient strength trama blow/collision (bad luck) & slips/falls

The most common will be chronic (overuse) injuries.

Once the cause of injury is identified then you can make a inform choice to start the recovery process by:

  • Reduce volumne/loading.
  • Modify technique/exercise.
  • You may have to stop the movement for a period of time for the injury to heal.

Symptoms for injuries can be pain, soreness, inflammation, tender to touch, swelling.

If you sustain an injury:

During the first 48-72 hours avoid heat to the area, plus any movement.
R.I.C.E is a good common sense approach to remember.
R (rest) keeping the injured area still will reduce blood flow to the area.
I (ice) ice the area this will limit swelling and reduce pain, if there is no ice available use cold water, do not apply ice directly on to the skin, make sure the ice is wrapped in a wet towel/plastic bag.
How long: this can vary with the experts but a guideline would be to apply the ice up to 20 minutes at a time but remove it if it becomes uncomfortable.  Some people are more sensitive to ice than others.
C (compresion) bandage the inury making sure the whole area is covered, this reduces bleeding and swelling.
E (elevate) Elevate the injury above the heart, once again this limits swelling and bleeding.

Repeat this every 2-3 hours for the first 48-72 hours.